How to work out what size water tank you need? To calculate how much water you can harvest off your roof, use the following calculations:

  1. If your roof is between 50 and 100 square meters, you will be able to harvest about 750 liters to 2200 liters of water.

  2. If your roof is between 200 and 400 square meters, you will be able to harvest about 2500 liters to 10 000 liters of water.

You want to look for a good quality water tank that provides the following specs:
  1. What kind of plastic is the water tank made from? There are countless different grades of plastic that could be used. You want a grade that uses LLDPE plastic. This is a very high grade plastic that protects your water tank from the harsh outdoor environment, including protection against the harsh South African sun. Don’t  compromise on second grade materials when looking at water tanks for sale.

  2. What protection does it offer INSIDE the tank? Water tanks that have an inner black lining helps to reduce the growth of algae on the inner walls of your water tank.

  3. Is there a range of water tanks to choose from? Every household has different needs, some families are small and may only need a small water tank, other households are large, including farms and smallholdings, where your needs will be much You might have a space sensitive property, where a wide water tank is just not an option. Find a supplier who offers a wide range of water tanks for sale that will suit your specific needs.​


What are the benefits of installing one or more water tanks on your property?
  1. It will provide an alternative source of water during government initiated water restrictions.

  2. Certain seasons of the year may not produce enough rain for your needs. Water storage tanks can ease the pressure during your dry season.

  3. Installing water tanks means that you will have an ongoing saving on your water bill. Water tanks provide cost saving benefits every month, every year.

  4. Water is a precious resource. By doing your part to save and reuse water, you are helping this beautiful planet we are living on.