• Engineer approved designs and skilled workmanship

  • Plantable retaining blocks to create beautiful gardens.

  • Fully reversible block ensures that you can design and create stunning terraces and staircases

  • Click to read specifications of retaining wall blocks - PDF

  • See below for completed projects.

Retaining Wall Installations

Wilderness Heights
  • Our client had a steep bank next to their house that needed to be retained. It was also creating shade on the house that was a problem.

  • We suggested a terraced retaining wall that would create garden beds that could be planted and add to the beauty of the surrounding area. 

  • Staircases were incorporated next to the garage, as well as within the retaining walls for access to the terraced areas. 

  • A steep building site required a retaining wall before the house was started. 

  • The owner wanted the garage to be built on the top section of the slope, so two tiers of retaining walls was constructed to create a platform for the garage.

  • The left side of the plot had a high bank that needed a retaining system for erosion control. 

Leisure Isle
  • An old brick wall was removed by the owner, who then urgently needed a solution, as the foundation of  the neighbor's wall had been exposed and was in danger of being undermined and collapsing.

  • A vertical charcoal coloured retaining wall was installed in one day to secure the foundation. 

Brenton On Sea
  • A dune sand slope above a house in Brenton On Sea was being eroded, causing a huge problem for the owner.

  • Sandstone coloured rock-face retaining blocks were installed, together with brick pavers which created a beautiful staircase and solved the erosion problem. 

  • The owner now has access from the road and garage to the house and the slope is securely retained. 

  • A terraced retaining system was needed on this very steep slope to create a platform for the owner's home. 

  • Three tiers of retaining walls ensured a stable, secure retaining system.

  • Engineer's specifications included concrete foundation, 

Knysna Heights
  • Owners needed access to be able to walk down a steep slope.

  • A retaining wall was installed with beautiful terraces and a staircase created from the retaining blocks.

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White Location Sports Ground Retaining Wall

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