Rock Face Retaining Wall
Terraced retaining wall using rock face blocks
Smooth Face Retaining Wall
Retaining wall using the smooth face block
Planted Smooth Face Retaining Wall
Retaining wall with plants
Retaining Wall and Pathway
Rock face retaining wall with pathway on terrace
Charcoal Rock Face Block
Retaining wall built with charcoal Rock-Face block
Plantable Retaining Wall System
Terraforce retaining blocks are plantable.
Sandstone Rock-Face Retaining Wall
Sandstone colour Terraforce retaining wall
Driveway Terraforce Retaining Wall
Retaining wall creates extra space for driveway
Curved Retaining Wall
Create curves and stairs with Terraforce retaining blocks.
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Paved Driveway
Choose from a variety of pavers
Cobble Pavers
Cobble pavers add a natural look to your home.
Bevelled Edge Pavers
All-purpose bevelled edge pavers for all your needs.
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